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Black Girls Hike - How To Prepare For A Hike!

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

If you hike often then you usually have an idea of how to prepare for a hike. For those who have never gone or have only gone a couple times here’s a few tips & tricks for your next hike trip!


First, make sure you get a good nights rest the night before. Even though you’re just walking in the woods hiking USES a lot of energy. It is important to be well rested to ensure your body is up for the challenge.

What to Wear:

Checking the weather is essential before a hike. I like to check the weather the night before to prepare and, in the morning. I usually stick with layers for each hike unless it’s summer time. Comfortable clothes that you can move your body are in are key. They do have some hiking gear available at stores, but normal workout gear is okay for shorter day hikes. The shoes are the most important. You want to have shoes that are made for hiking or working out. Hike boots are suggested but we understand they are an investment. Check out our blog on some of our favorite hiking boots! You can also find other shoe options pictures below.

What to Bring:

Water! Make sure you have enough water to last you through the hike. I always like to bring extra water just in case. I bring a bag to carry all my necessities in. It does not need to be a big bag but, I personally do not like to hold my water bottle so my bag needs to be big enough to fit it. I also bring bug spray, a small first aid kit, tissue, hand sanitizer, and a bag for trash. As for as snacks I like to pack nuts, fruit & protein bars. Maybe a sandwich and chips if we are staying out for a longer hike.

Fruit, Nuts, and most importantly water!
BGH Recommended Snacks

What to Expect:

Expect to be tired. Expect to have an incline (going uphill). Expect taking breaks. Expect beautiful views. Expect other people on the trail, possibly bikers. Expect to have fun!

IG: @ _hikeforhealth

If you’re planning on coming to a Black Girls Hike event information on the location is sent out beforehand. Feel free to Google the parks, learn information about them & check out what else they have to offer.

Thanks for reading & Happy Hiking 🫶🏼


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