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Black Girls Hike highlights and presents black women and POC in nature through outdoor adventures. While diversifying outdoors and exposing/ reconnecting BIPOC with all that nature has to offer, we use the power of storytelling and experience to seek outside adventures in all areas of the world. We aim to create an inclusive community of outdoor enthusiasts that shares our love of travel, nature, and the outdoors. 


Founder & CEO

My connection with nature began when I was kid. There was nothing else that excited me more than being outside whether it’d be visiting the neighborhood creek with my friends or building makeshift terrariums with my sister to house caterpillar’s so we could see them turn into butterflies. It wasn’t until  I got older and the responsibilities started to pile up that I began to focus more on “adulting” and spent less time enjoying the nature around me. In 2019, a couple of friends and I randomly decided to go hiking one summer morning at a small trail right outside of Baltimore City. I was hooked! I was instantly brought back to my childhood – outside with my friends. Hiking became the flame to a spark that I always had deep inside of me. I suddenly felt the need to be outside and exploring again. Some of my favorite trails are alongside big rivers such as Niagara Falls, NY and Great Falls, Va. I’ve recently become obsessed with mountain hikes in areas such as Red Rocks, Colorado. Because of hiking, I am not afraid to seek out new adventures. You never know what you’ll get into or where you’ll end up. 

IG: @flyinndolo_

IMG_5422 2.HEIC

Bria W.

Program Operations Manager

Bria a.k.a Murph has always been an outdoor lover. She remembers spending her time outside as much as she could while being a kid. In her adult years, hiking was a blessing to her life during the Covid shutdown. She went hiking everyday during the shutdown in order to ease her mind and soul. She started her own hiking page to connect with fellow hikers and was soon introduced to Black Girls Hike. As a mixed woman who has always advocated for more safe black spaces ,she knew that the connection between her & BGH would be one she loved. Since meeting the Asia, she has hosted her own hiking events, collaborated with BGH for yoga classes, and continue to support black women, men and children in the community. Murph is now the Program Operations Manager for Black Girls Hike and is blessed to share the space with so many like minded visuals. Keep your eye out for her in the woods! 

IG: @_HikeforHealth

Gerald Q.

Business Operations Manager

Passionate about health and wellness, Gerald (aka GQ) embarked on his outdoor journey in 2020, joining Black Girls Hike for invigorating hikes. Transitioning from patron to assistant lead, he now plays a pivotal role in supporting Asia and the team with operational needs. Beyond Black Girls Hike, GQ's dedication to public health extends globally, where he contributes to tackling current and emerging infectious diseases, driven by a deep-rooted commitment to improving healthcare worldwide.

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