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Black Girls Hike - 8 Hiking Essentials List

Hi friends! The summer days are upon us and a lot of us are using the summer break to check out nearby or far away trails. We want to make sure all hikers, the beginners and the pro’s, to be prepared out there because there’s nothing worse than being 3 miles deep into a trail and realize you forgot something in the car.


Here’s a Black Girls Hike – 8 Hiking Essentials List

1. Hiking backpack

2. Closed Toe Hiking Boots

3. Portable Charger

4. Skin Protection

5. Small First Aid Kit

6. Water

7. Navigation (compass, GPS, map)

8. Nutritional snacks

1. Backpack

Backpacks are probably the most important item on our list. Besides #2 on our Hiking Essential’s List, everything else can and should go into your backpack. You don’t need a super large one because you don’t want to be lugging 10+lbs on your back. And because it’s important to keep both of your hands free while hiking a trail just in case you slip and have to catch yourself

Whatever you need with you on the trail….put it in your backpack!

The Samurai Tactical Seigyo Slim Tackle Backpack has 2 big compartments, 1 medium, and 1 small compartments. It is great for keeping your items compact and safe. Also, the back has a mesh material which helps keep your back cool during the hot days! Definitely recommend.

2. Closed Toe Hiking Boots

Now, as much as I love my Nikes and Run Star Hike x Converse, I’ve banged my toe up more than a few times to learn my lesson and buy more sturdier hiking boots. The trendy shoes just aren’t for the outdoors because they don’t provide the support you need for the outside terrain - no matter how stylish they may be! I promise you, having a good hiking shoe makes the experience so much better.

Benefits to having a good hiking shoe:

Waterproof – you can walk in the rain or through streams/shallow rivers without worry of getting your socks or feet wet.

Ankle support – it gets tricky out there sometimes! Hiking boots with a high top provides great ankle support by keeping your foot in place when you find yourself going up or down inclines or slipping through some mud.

Grip – you will definitely need a shoe with a great grip for a nice strong and steady step through the trails. The grip helps with balance and can even save you from slipping and sliding while hiking

I found that one of the reasons why people shy away from hiking is because they don’t feel prepared and not having the appropriate shoes falls into that category.

Here is the link the shoes I have. They haven’t let me down yet:

3. Portable Charger

Portable charger saves lives. Get you one. Point. Blank. Period.

4. Skin Protection

Ladiessssssssssssssssssssssssssss! (& fellas!)

Skin protection is SOOOOOOOOOOO important. There is this myth going around that black people don’t need sun screen and that is 1000% INCORRECT. Skin cancer is a real thing, black people can get it, and we need to protect ourselves.

· SPF 30 – daily use

· SPF 50 – for when you’re outside for more than an hour

· Apply your sunscreen every 2 hours.

Black Girl Sunscreen is one of my favorites. I take her wherever I go and she definitely came in handy during my recent trip to Jamaica. Not a sunburn in sight! It applies like lotion and doesn’t leave that white cast on our skin that we typically see from other sunscreen brands. Men can use this sunscreen as well.

5. Small First Aid Kit

First Aid Kits are always that item that you don’t think you need until you need it. There is always the potential for someone to fall, scrape a knee, or need a quick fix up. Although they are small, the come equipped with antibacterial wipes, band-aids, scissors, multiple sized bandages and sting relief. There plenty of travel sized first aid kits you can purchase for a reasonable price.

6. Water

Water, water, water, water, and more water. It’s very easy to forget to drink water while hiking, so I like to bring a water bottle I can let hang on my wrist because I’m more inclined to drink it while walking on leveled ground or during quick breaks.

I base the amount of water I’m bringing by the number of miles I plan to hike.

Every 1.5 mile = 32 oz of water

For my beginner hikers – 1 water bottle per mile (remember to respect the environment and take your trash with you!)

7. Navigation

It’s never a bad idea to have a point of reference as to where you are in the world. Familiarize yourself with your surroundings as best you can. Some things I like to keep in mind are official park names, trail names & mark colors, and sun positioning – it helps with timing night fall and figuring out general direction (the sun rises in the east and sets in the west!)

AllTrails is also a great hiking app. I use this app every time I go hiking and its extremely helpful when trying to find trails in your area. People leave reviews and pictures of certain trails and even rates the difficulties which I find to pretty accurate. Check them out.

8. Nutritional Snacks

Last but not least, pack some good snacks. Having great snacks can also change the entire mood of a hike. If you’re anything like me, “hanger (anger + hunger)” is a real thing.

Quick Hydrating Snacks Include:

  • cut pineapples

  • grapes

  • apple slices

  • clementines, etc

I also enjoy sunflower seeds, peanuts, or granola. I may also pack a sandwich or grab some sushi from my local grocery store. The possibilities are endless but having something to snack on by the waterfall or the side of the river is the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning.


Making sure you’re prepared for your hike may seem a bit tedious, but it is truly better to be prepared than not. One helpful tip I can recommend is to pack your bag the night before your hike or making a checklist! It is a method I have to master myself and I still forget things here and there but I’m better prepared each time.

Any other items you feel are essential for hiking? Leave comments below!



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