Mount Tammany, New Jersey - April Showers Hike

I hate to sound cliche by saying this was our best hike up to date, but there’s no better way to put it. This was our best hike up to date. The people we met, the adversities we faced, and the trail itself, an unforgettable experience to say the least. I had barely gotten any sleep the night before so my nerves were running rampant at 4:30 am when our alarm clocks went off.

We were in for a mini road trip because Mount Tammany is about 3 hours from our hometown. We loaded up on gas, snacks, coffee, and gas, and we were on our way. We beat the GPS by 15 minutes, only to end up at the wrong meeting place and 13 minutes away from the visitor center. By this time, our excitement had turned into anxiousness as we pushed the pedal to the metal to meet our guests.

8:43 AM - We arrived. Everyone got checked in and made introductions as we got settled in and prepared for the hike. Personally, I was still nervous at the beginning of the hike because I twisted my ankle the night before (don’t ask) and was still feeling a bit of pain. But like Sheila from Tyler Perry’s "Why Did I Get Married" - I was going up the mountain to save my marriage lol, or prove a point to myself. I still don’t know what the point was but once I laced up my hiking boots, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders; or ankle for that matter. Maybe it was the adrenaline, maybe it was the Aspirin, but I was walking on air at that moment. From the visitor’s center, we had about a mile walk to the trail, so I used the time to hype myself up. “You’re fine. You can’t let this mountain defeat you...You’re better than that. You’re STRONGER than that.”

9:37 AM - The beginning of the trail. We set our activity trackers, AllTrails app, and speakers, and off we were. Now, I can’t speak to the front end of the group because that’s not my ministry, but in the back, it was LIT! Although the trail was incredibly steep, we took our time and listened to the smooth transitions of our BGH Hiking Playlist: Mt Tammany Edition; it was an amazing vibe.

Along the way, I looked up to see where we were headed and I was greeted by a raindrop. I’m thinking to myself, “Naw, it’s not about to rain. I checked the forecast religiously every hour before we got here. It didn’t say one word about rain!”

In a fight between science and nature, nature wins every single time. It rained on us for about 45 minutes on and off. April Showers was such a fitting name for this hike in retrospect. Even at the peak of the shower, it was never unbearable—just another obstacle to overcome. By the time the rain had stopped, we were already at our first pit stop, the view of the Delaware Water Gap.

Now although the view of the Delaware Water Gap was great, it was incomparable to the views at the peak. Looking down from 1300 ft above sea level was such a fulfilling feeling. The air was thinner, the view was astounding, and it made the entire journey worthwhile. We took photos, danced, laughed, and just enjoyed the fellowship of this diverse group who all share one thing; our love for nature.

Going back down was a different story. By this time, everyone was ready to complete the trail and did not hesitate to get to the falls. Slow and steady is our motto in the back of the group, so we kept the same pace as before.

Naturally, the group drifted apart, which was okay because we got to have more intimate conversations with one another. We met a woman who had just moved back to the states from Africa and offered to take us on an ECONOMICAL (key word) backpacking adventure to Mt Kenya. We also met a woman in the education system who gave us insight into life after COVID in the school system. So much was shared and learned.

I’m so grateful to have traveled this journey with such an amazing group of humans.

Until next time!


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